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BlackJack - Premium Edition


BlackJack or 21 as it is also known is a simple card game where the aim is to get as close to the score of 21 without going over and at the same time getting a higher card count than the dealer.Features:-Hit (Take another card)-Stand (Stick with your hand and let the dealer have his go)-Double (Double your bet taking only 1 more card)-Split (Split your hand if your first 2 cards match, Doubling your bet & allowing you to play 2 hands against the dealer)
-Insurance (If the dealers first card shows as an ace you are offered insurance against him havin BlackJack(21) with his second card)
-Deck Amount (Choose how many decks of cards are used during your game (1, 2, 4, 6 or 8))-Dealer Type (Choose wether the dealer you face will play Passively or Aggressively)-Game Speed (Choose to speed up the animations making the game run faster)-Detailed Stats (Keep track of how your playstyle is holding up via longterm stats)
-Guarenteed Random Draws (The decks are shuffled upon starting the game or when (auto refreshing once the whole deck has been used) and are 100% completly random everytime)
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